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I must admit/say/confess

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishI must admit/say/confessI must admit/say/confessspoken used to emphasize what you are saying I must say, it gave me quite a shock. must
Examples from the Corpus
I must admit/say/confessLovely site for it, I must say.They were very polite, I must confess....This procedure is, I must admit, a limited one, and it is vulnerable to criticism.He went very red in the face. I must say he never did it again.But I must say I was deeply disappointed.Some one must have brought it here for a purpose, but I must admit it looks abandoned.But I must say she's not always as fractious as she appears now.At this point I must say that I haven't yet found a carp that didn't eat Tropicanas.
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