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I need hardly say/tell/remind etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishI need hardly say/tell/remind etcI need hardly say/tell/remind etcBritish English used when you think people should already know what you are going to say I need hardly remind you that this information is confidential. need
Examples from the Corpus
I need hardly say/tell/remind etcBirds have never been one of my major interests, I need hardly say.How I welcomed Night Duty, I need hardly say.Type 4 I need hardly say how glad I am.I need hardly say how heartily I sympathize with the purposes of the Audubon Society.I need hardly say that I don't care to have things so.I need hardly say that my wife's first impression of Lewis differed somewhat from my own.Mr Bawn, I need hardly tell you, is a man of considerable dignity and I would not leave him here.
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