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I never knew (that)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishI never knew (that)I never knew (that)spokenNOT KNOW used to mean that you did not know something until now I never knew you played the guitar! never
Examples from the Corpus
I never knew (that)But I never knew from one week to the next if there would be any money.And I never knew he took my advice about Eliot so seriously.Those men have to stand that over and over again. I never knew it was like that.I sort of dabble my foot in it like it's a puddle. I never knew Marie was married.I was brought up in a pit village near Bishop Auckland and I never knew my father.You and your father. I never knew two people more alike.You said they stole your milk. I never knew what it was that messed him up.As I once told you, I never knew where we were heading when I first drove out the Anacreonians.I never knew you played the guitar!
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