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(I) quote

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English(I) quote(I) quotespokenAMTP used when you are going to repeat what someone else has said, to emphasize that it is exactly the way they said it The minister said, quote: ‘There will be no more tax increases this year.’ quote
Examples from the Corpus
(I) quoteI believe I quote from the minutes of our inaugural meeting.It offers an escape from the double bind of commentary pithily summarised by Foucault, in the passage I quoted just now.May I quote you or your company or do you prefer total anonymity? 2.The edition of his book I quote from here was published a hundred years ago in 1891.Whose responsibility is this? I quote it to the Head whenever suitable occasions arise.Your coverage has kept the Western Mail ahead of all other papers. I quote the letter not from any feelings of conceit.
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