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I say

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishI sayI sayBritish English old-fashioned a) ATTENTIONused to get someone’s attention I say, don’t I know you? b) LITTLE/NOT VERYused before giving your reaction to something ‘My husband’s broken his leg.’ ‘I say! I’m sorry to hear that.’ say
Examples from the Corpus
I sayBut as I said at the outset there wasn't much in this edition that failed to please me.Girl, look, I say go for it.You know very well I said no alcohol!Can I say on behalf of this body that we are genuinely sorry to see you go.Mohibullah said that young Imran wanted to play me after I'd played Jansher. I said that would be fine.I went off so often Frank began to notice and I said the heat made me restless.I am sure being a headmaster did affect his ideas on child-rearing, but as I said, we were very happy.
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