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I should have thought ...

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishI should have thought ...I should have thought ...British English used as a polite or joking way of showing that you disagree with what someone has said or think it is silly ‘Why isn’t it working?’ ‘I should have thought it was obvious.’ think
Examples from the Corpus
I should have thought ...She's a pretty child, but hardly his intellectual level, I should have thought.That is rather obvious, I should have thought.The scent of the tea as I poured it ... I should have thought.And marriage, I should have thought, is a false step you must have been well warned against.This seems an odd argument for smoking to me and, I should have thought, to smokers, too.It's very important to me - and, I should have thought, to you too.The royal crest is used on the front of the annual report, which I should have thought was improper.Any leader, I should have thought, would have demanded loyalty and support from a vice-president as a basic minimum.
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