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I should think/imagine/hope

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishI should think/imagine/hopeI should think/imagine/hopeEXPECT spoken a) used to say that you think or hope something is true, when you are not certain I shouldn’t think they’ve gone far. ‘I suppose there’ll be a lot of complaints?’ ‘I should imagine so.’ b) used to emphasize that you are not surprised by what someone has told you because you have moral reasons to expect it ‘She doesn’t like to hear me swearing.’ ‘I should think not.’ ‘He did apologize.’ ‘I should hope so, after the way he behaved.’ should
Examples from the Corpus
I should think/imagine/hopeLooking forward to getting back to your farm, I should think?Rather like seizure, I should imagine.He said there might be one way, you know, I should think about it.I wouldn't mind. I should think he'd be very demanding.Look at my dad. I should think he's got half his lunch down his.Not for far, I should think - not if its nose has gone.Interesting, I should think, with a name like Hamish.
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