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I suppose

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishI supposeI supposea) THINK SO/NOT BE SUREused to say you think something is true, although you are uncertain about it syn I guessI suppose (that) I suppose you’re right. So things worked out for the best, I suppose. ‘Aren’t you pleased?’ ‘Yes, I suppose so.’ b) AGREEused when agreeing to let someone do something, especially when you do not really want to syn I guess ‘Can we come with you?’ ‘Oh, I suppose so.’ c) EXPECTused when saying in an angry way that you expect something is true syn I guessI suppose (that) I suppose you thought you were being clever! d) THINK SO/NOT BE SUREused to say that you think that something is probably true, although you wish it was not and hope someone will tell you it is not syn I guessI suppose (that) I suppose it’s too late to apply for that job now. e) THINK SO/NOT BE SUREused when guessing that something is true syn I guess She looked about 50, I suppose. suppose
Examples from the Corpus
I supposeIt was a relief, I suppose."The kids will love it, don't you think?" "I suppose."Having a burglar alarm makes you feel safer, I suppose.It is I suppose an ordinary willow.In the beginning he would always win and then one day, inevitably I suppose, I beat him.I have been on at Desmond about it, as a matter of fact, which I suppose is what she wanted.There was no reply when I phoned - I suppose she's still at work."Is Bill coming too?" "I suppose so.""Will the children be disappointed?" "Yes, I suppose so."And they say, Well, yes, I suppose so.Uncle's gone doolally again. I suppose that's what happens when you get old.I suppose that they'll do some sightseeing while they're here.I suppose we can pay by credit card but we'd better check first.It starts, I suppose, with my first meeting Steve and ends some months later with another chance encounter.
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