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I thought (that)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishI thought (that)I thought (that)SUGGESTused when you are politely suggesting something to do I thought we’d go swimming tomorrow. I thought we could meet for lunch. think
Examples from the Corpus
I thought (that)Now that I was alone I thought bitterly of the people I lived with.In fact, I thought living by a highway made me special.I began throwing punches whenever I thought no one was looking.The drive is spectacular: gorges and tropical rain forests and waterfalls on every hand, but I thought only of Poppy.He has to be held accountable, just like everyone else. I thought something was going to happen.I had an extremely mature view about these proceedings. I thought that Victoria Lum was a super wupo.I thought the dishwasher was broken, did you get it fixed?When the band became serious, I thought this is a far more contemporary and interesting way to make an artistic statement.I thought we could go to the lake this weekend.
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