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I/we shall

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishI/we shallI/we shallWILL especially British English formal used to say what you will do in the future We shall be away next week. I shall have to be careful. I’ve never liked her and I never shall. We shall have finished by Friday. shall
Examples from the Corpus
I/we shallThree Levels on which rationality has practical significance may be distinguished, which I shall call groundedness, enlightenment and emancipation.This raises a general question which is central to these areas, and which I shall call the representation problem.I don't know what it will be, but I shall find a way to help her in the end.And thus we shall get the Government that we deserve.Either: As agreed at our initial meeting, we shall inform your auditors of this appointment.It is a kindness I shall never forget.That is a point to which I shall return in the next chapter.As we shall see later, the ongoing health of children in Seascale has become a critical issue for the nuclear industry.
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