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I wonder if/whether

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishI wonder if/whetherI wonder if/whetherspokenASK FOR something/ASK somebody TO DO something used to ask politely for something syn may I I wonder if I might have a drink? wonder
Examples from the Corpus
I wonder if/whetherI wonder if you could help me.For a few days I wondered if it could be used mysteriously in some odd and wonderful crepe batter.I let a moment pass. I wondered if I could just shut up and let the subject die.I was beginning to enjoy the game. I wondered if she was enjoying it too.In fact, I wonder if, ethically, we should even be asking people to organize.Mind you, I wonder if, at their age, they realise that kippers are smoked herrings.It was by now that and I wondered whether chilli had been a good choice for a hot meal.I didn't tell you this the other day when I made you all laugh. I wonder whether I am odd.Mr. Howard I wonder whether the hon. Gentleman is citing Lambeth council as a model of efficiency and good practice.
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