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I would think/imagine/say

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishI would think/imagine/sayI would think/imagine/sayspoken used to give your opinion about something when you are not very sure about it I would think you’d be happier in a different school. ‘Will it cost a lot?’ ‘I would imagine so.’ would
Examples from the Corpus
I would think/imagine/sayPretty heavily on fire, too, I would think.Dominic remains, I would say, a preposterously beautiful creature.Elizabeth: I would say about 185 pounds.This looks tough, I would think, and then immediately forget about it.And that, I would say, is what we, in our own religious rites, had best be doing too.Perhaps it is more a matter for philosophers than scientists, but I would say not.That is a prime question, I would say, of this hour in the bringing up of children.Is there a chance Chrysler might buy Fiat? I would think there's essentially zero chance of that happening.
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