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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishice-coldˌice-ˈcold adjective  COLDextremely cold ice-cold drinks
Examples from the Corpus
ice-coldice-cold beerI could do with an ice-cold beer.The Dallas Cowboys' offense was ice-cold in the first half.It was an ice-cold June Sunday.Cloud swirled up from the valleys, clearing spasmodically to reveal distant peaks, ice-cold lakes and the long ridge in front.The kids were rewarded with ice-cold lemonade.The sergeant sat down, placed his feet into the ice-cold potassium permanganate solution and heaved a euphoric sigh of relief.Her boat is always loaded with new friends and ice-cold sodas.She was standing in blackness in the middle of a narrow, ice-cold stream.An ice-cold thought came into her mind.He survived five minutes of ice-cold water before towelling down.Only two persons in the audience reacted to this sentence, but to them it was like being doused with ice-cold water.
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