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ice cream

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ice creamˌice ˈcream / $ ˈ../ ●●● S2 noun  1 [uncountable]DFF a frozen sweet food made of milk, cream, and sugar, with fruit, nuts, chocolate etc sometimes added to it vanilla ice cream2 [countable]DFF a small amount of this food for one person Mummy, can I have an ice cream?
Examples from the Corpus
ice creamLet's stop here and get an ice cream.In the daytime Mr Garner would rush off alone to repair a meat locker or an ice cream freezer.Eat fewer fatty foods such as processed meats and meat products, pies, pastries, crisps and ice cream.He wants to walk in the rain and go for ice cream.Prinz scooped up the last of his ice cream and put down his spoon.Cool and serve with whipped cream or ice cream.Optimum fat content imparts good body and flavor to ice cream.Coat with warm caramel sauce and serve with vanilla ice cream or clotted cream.
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