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ice water

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ice waterˈice ˌwater noun [countable, uncountable]  DFDLIQUIDvery cold water with pieces of ice in it, or a glass of this
Examples from the Corpus
ice waterFatigue seeps like ice water into bones and joints.Using fine-mesh strainer, strain sauce into mixing bowl and place bowl in larger mixing bowl of ice water to cool sauce.The skinny: Deion Sanders running around with a bucket of ice water is such a passe locker-room prank these days.I gave him a Fred Flintstone plastic cup of ice water.I had a glass of ice water and I tipped the glass to give it to them.Sitting stiffly, shaking firmly, speaking crisply, and sip-ping a glass of ice water were professional.He liked to do this on his feet, drinking jug after jug of ice water.Deion sneaked up behind the announcer, who was wired for sound, and doused him with ice water.
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