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iceboxice‧box /ˈaɪsbɒks $ -bɑːks/ noun [countable] American English old-fashioned  1 DFCa refrigerator2 DFCa special cupboard into which people in the past put ice in order to keep food cold
Examples from the Corpus
iceboxHe bends down and reaches into an icebox below the counter.No cold cash in the Nugent icebox, however, so I moved on.When I got home I ate everything in the icebox.She tried to remember whether there was any milk in the icebox.Having rinsed and stowed the fishing gear in the after locker, he reached into the icebox for a cold beer.The icebox is refrigerated and the sinks and wash hand basins are served with pressure hot and cold fresh water.The icebox was packed with beer and he'd prepared a lobster salad that he'd left on ice.
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