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idid /ɪd/ noun [uncountable] technical  MPaccording to Freudian psychology, the part of your mind that is completely unconscious but has hidden needs and desires ego(2), superego
Examples from the Corpus
idWe live for ever in history, outside ego and id.The gang at id has done a great job giving the player maximum capability with a minimum of fuss.They started to talk about the ego, id and superego as if they were physical realities located in the body.We believe, puritanically, that if we control the id everything will be all right.But such an identification was probably more than merely an exercise in wish-fulfilment by the ego on behalf of the id.The ego is that part of the id which has through perception been modified by the external world.It is subject to the same mechanisms as other parts of the id.A bold artist and rugged individualist, Jones loves to lift the lid on the id.
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IDID1 /ˌaɪ ˈdiː/ noun [countable, uncountable]  PGCRECORDa document that shows your name and date of birth, usually with a photograph syn identification I’ll need to see some ID. a fake ID
Examples from the Corpus
IDDo you have any ID?They said state rules would have made Caller ID unprofitable by exempting millions of unlisted numbers.At seven I had to carry ID in case bus drivers attempted to charge me adult fare.He was sixteen and would turn pro in one year with the aid of a fake ID.This will only work if you the same computer, though, as it stores your ID in a cookie file.
IDID2 verb [transitive] spoken  to identify a criminal or dead body Police are still looking for someone who can ID the body.
Examples from the Corpus
IDThe police were able to ID the body quickly.
From Longman Business Dictionaryidid /ɪd/ written used to explain that something is from the same book or article as the one that has just been mentioned SYN IBID
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