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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishideallyi‧deal‧ly /aɪˈdɪəli/ ●●○ S3 adverb  1 PERFECTused to describe the way you would like things to be, even though this may not be possible[sentence adverb] Ideally, your car should have high-security locks. Fruit and vegetables should ideally be organically grown.2 ideally suited/placed/situated etc
Examples from the Corpus
ideallyDetails, too, were not ideally arranged.Which was just as well, as Jim was not ideally cut out to be a farmer!You should, ideally, have a degree in engineering or science.It was ideally located, perfectly engineered and specifically oriented to serving the needs of airplane builders and users.This ideally matches the requirements of the servos and ensures a smooth and rapid response.In order to win, you must throw your opponent, ideally onto his back.It was ideally placed for commerce.Researcher Robert Glover felt that Austin was ideally suited to launch a school-to-work effort.And, ideally, the general lighting scheme should be similar in both parts of the room.Ideally, we'd like to provide regular training for everyone.Ideally, we should be saving money every month.