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ideally suited/placed/situated etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishideally suited/placed/situated etcideally suited/placed/situated etcSUITABLEhaving the best qualities, experience, knowledge etc for a particular situation He was ideally suited for the job. The hotel is ideally located for enjoying the beauty of Yorkshire. ideally
Examples from the Corpus
ideally suited/placed/situated etcThe clearing banks were ideally placed.It is ideally situated along a charming stretch of canal, near to the Waterlooplein.We have large quantities of plutonium already separated and in forms ideally suited for nuclear weapons.The hawthorns are a greatly under-rated family and several are ideally suited for small gardens.These skills need much greater emphasis in schools, and work-based learning is ideally suited to acquiring them.Researcher Robert Glover felt that Austin was ideally suited to launch a school-to-work effort.Missing too are some of the ski mountaineering classics which are ideally suited to Nordic touring gear.This is another species ideally suited to the heated aquarium.
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