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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishideologuei‧de‧o‧logue /ˈaɪdiəˌlɒɡ $ -ˌlɒːɡ, -ˌlɑːɡ/ (also ideologist /ˌaɪdiˈɒlədʒɪst $ -ˈɑːl-/) noun [countable]  BELIEVEsomeone whose actions are very much influenced by an ideology
Examples from the Corpus
ideologueUnlike many of his dancers, Horton was a romantic rather than an ideologue.Although known as a technocrat rather than an ideologue, Yeutter's conservative credentials were impeccable.Finally, we are not ideologues.It also had its own ideologues.More rigorous ideologues of the left boycotted what they dubbed an illegal election.In practice the administrative shift away from environmentalism was much less dramatic than ideologues like Newman were insisting.Despite, or perhaps because of, these successes Channel Four is also under scrutiny from the ideologues and reformers.He was perilously close to losing control over House Republicans, especially the newly-elected class of 73 right-wing ideologues.
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