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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishidiocyid‧i‧o‧cy /ˈɪdiəsi/ noun (plural idiocies)  [countable, uncountable]STUPID/NOT SENSIBLE something that you think is extremely silly or stupid syn stupidity The idiocy of his behaviour appalled her. He smiled calmly at the idiocies of mankind.
Examples from the Corpus
idiocyIf not insanity and idiocy, then consumption would kill them off.But she stayed on this balcony, her eyes on him, on this shape which fear had reduced to animal idiocy.As a prominent figure in Rottweiler rescue, she's stubbed her toe on more unfair bullying and downright idiocy than most.Learning a language means returning to a state of near idiocy.There was only one way to knock such idiocy in the head.That idiocy about H. G. Wells.It stung, that eruption of uncomprehending idiocy.
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