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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishidyllid‧yll /ˈɪdəl, ˈɪdɪl $ ˈaɪdl/ noun [singular] literary  HAPPYa place or experience in which everything is peaceful and everyone is perfectly happy a rural idyll
Examples from the Corpus
idyllDurham stood for an idyll of ten years.Møn was an idyll for me, one enriched for its being shared with my cousin, who was my closest friend.If we were back in urban reality now, we yet retained a glow imparted by our bucolic idyll.Decades later, the shipbuilder was still enjoying his island idyll.The short romantic idyll was over.This rural idyll is, however, the privilege of the minority.In order to arrive at the truth behind the idyll, I must return to the matter of attributions.The wartime idyll between Pamela Churchill and Harriman has long been publicly known.rural idyllIt will be a rural idyll.A once charming rural idyll, Emmerdale had become a moral cesspit.The expectations of the latter is examined in the light of the rural idyll.This rural idyll is, however, the privilege of the minority.
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