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if I may say so

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishif I may say soif I may say so (also if I might say so) formal used to be polite when saying something that may embarrass or offend the person you are talking to That’s just the point, Mr Glover, if I may say so. say
Examples from the Corpus
if I may say soSuicidal, if I may say so.Very sexist of you to assume otherwise, if I may say so.For my interior vision, if I may say so, it still works.And his manner was, if I may say so, more relaxed, almost like an aristocrat.Unlike, if I may say so, the dabblings of your brother in the theology of physics.And if I may say so, they seem more useful than yours.Now, you're a plants-woman of no small renown, if I may say so, your ladyship.
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