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if (the) truth be known/told

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishif (the) truth be known/toldif (the) truth be known/toldTRUEused when telling someone the real facts about a situation, or your real opinion If the truth be known, I felt a little left out at school. truth
Examples from the Corpus
if (the) truth be known/toldAfter all, I am not so different from anyone else, if the truth be known.Nearly thirteen and a half if the truth be known.You'd rather have a day out at York racecourse than at Headingley if truth were known, wouldn't you?He looked lonely, if the truth were told.I puzzle a lot, if the truth be known.He could never, if the truth were told, stand against his wife.I suppose if the truth was known, I was narked at being pushed around.I bet they did it worse than us if the truth was known.
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