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if you want

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishif you wantif you wanta) used to offer to do something I’ll come with you if you want. b) used to invite someone to do something or to give them permission Join in if you want. You can stay if you want to. c) used when someone suggests doing something, to say that you will do it, although you do not especially want to ‘Hey, shall we go to the beach?’ ‘If you want.’ want
Examples from the Corpus
if you wantIf you want anything, ring.Let me tell you where to hold these classes if you want it to work out.If you wanted some, that wasn't the avenue to go down.If you want to be kind, the character can find himself manacled to the wall in one of the empty cells.If you want to have a life together, fine.If you want to hear it, you have to drive it.If I wanted to survive, I had no choice.He could make it warmer if he wanted to.
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