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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishiffyif‧fy /ˈɪfi/ adjective informal  1 UNCERTAIN British English not very good That meat smells a bit iffy to me.2 not certain to happen syn doubtful The July date is still rather iffy.
Examples from the Corpus
iffyYour chances of finding a better job are iffy.Some iffy assumptions color this approach to the goals of mainstreaming."What's happening about your new job?'' "The whole thing's rather iffy at the moment.''I was hoping to go to the beach today but it's looking iffy because of the weather.It is more a mode of address for a slightly iffy constitutional compromise that is drawing peacefully towards its close.Policy decisions are always exercises in the iffy math of social tradeoffs.Hatch started off demonizing a Clinton appointee who let four likely cocaine dealers free on an iffy technicality.If the downside is iffy, the upside is certain.It is a very iffy thing, this schooling.He looked definitely iffy to me, but not the sort of bad lad who carries out hits.
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