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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English-ify-ify /ɪfaɪ/ (also -fy) suffix [in verbs] 🔊 🔊 1 DOto make something be in a particular state or condition 🔊 to purify (=make or become pure) 🔊 to clarify the situation (=make it clear)2 x-refto fill someone with a particular feeling 🔊 Spiders terrify me (=make me very afraid).3 informalSTUPID/NOT SENSIBLE to do something in a silly or annoying way 🔊 to speechify (=make speeches in a way that shows you are trying to sound important)4 LIKE somebody OR somethingto make something or someone be like or typical of a person or group 🔊 Frenchified (=like the French)
Examples from the Corpus
-ify• to amplify sound• to purify something• to stultify someone
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