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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_168_aiglooig‧loo /ˈɪɡluː/ noun [countable]  TTBHOMEa house made from blocks of hard snow or ice
Examples from the Corpus
iglooThey had served a cake, so big you could walk inside it, shaped like an igloo.The second shape comes out of the first like the extension of an igloo.The house was lit like a Christmas tree and shaped like a gigantic igloo.You should now have something resembling a small square igloo.The Krallerhof has several bars: the Kralleralm, two cocktail bars, and the igloo bar.Better to tear down the igloo and try to get a refund on the bricks.And that's just the igloo on the iceberg.The Kabari huddled against it in their woolen shawls, like Inuit outside their igloos.
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