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ignitionig‧ni‧tion /ɪɡˈnɪʃən/ noun  1 [singular]TTC the electrical part of a vehicle’s engine that makes it start working2 [countable usually singular] the place in a car where you put in a key to start the engine3 [uncountable] formalBURN the act of starting to burn or of making something start to burn
Examples from the Corpus
ignitionNo ignition source has been determined in the crash of the Boeing 747, which killed all 230 people aboard last July.The most likely source of ignition lay under Grissom's couch where bundles of wires ran across the floor of the capsule.It sits atop the ignition switches for the rocket thrusters.Phil left his key in the ignition again.The key had been left in the ignition.It caught on the second try, and after a minute's revving he switched off the ignition and let it die.I turned the ignition key and nothing happened.The unnamed man, 34, had just turned the ignition of the Mercedes when it exploded.
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