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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishignoranceig‧no‧rance /ˈɪɡnərəns/ ●●○ AWL noun [uncountable]  1 NOT KNOWlack of knowledge or information about something Excuse my ignorance, but how does it actually work?ignorance of our ignorance of the true situationin ignorance I would have remained in ignorance if Shaun hadn’t mentioned it.ignorance about public fear and ignorance about AIDS2 ignorance is bliss
Examples from the Corpus
ignoranceBut it's essential, and ignorance of it can be costly.He showed complete ignorance of the most basic historical facts.Only for such beings is ignorance not bliss.I haven't read your latest book, so I hope you'll forgive my ignorance.Even from the depths of my ignorance it had been impossible not to notice how the discourse had changed.Leaders who confuse vision with cliche, however, betray their own ignorance of the human part of performance and change challenges.I use this to excuse the possible ignorance which my question may make apparent!He repeated his question, and came up against the same smiling ignorance.Is this not a just punishment for their ignorance, for their lack of attention?The workers' ignorance compounds their poverty: everywhere, failure to follow the most elementary rules of diet makes undernourishment worse.ignorance ofThe average American's ignorance of geography is shocking.
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