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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishilkilk /ɪlk/ noun [singular]  TYPEa particular type syn kindof that/his/their etc ilk Irving Berlin and composers of his ilksomebody and that/his/their etc ilk Mrs Taylor and her ilk talk absolute rubbish.
Examples from the Corpus
ilkAnything is possible, because the political allegiance of Jennifer and her ilk is up for grabs.The level of presentational skills used here is of the highest ilk - totally absorbing.To Jody, this is all Jurassic Age thinking, and Rich and his ilk are dinosaurs.The fish of the day, a grilled sole, was of the same ilk.And that means it also had authentic city fathers other than New World Homes and their ilk.Kromko noted lawyers and their ilk are fond of worthless boiler-plate.Encryption systems and their ilk are technologies of disconnection.of that/his/their etc ilkComments of that ilk came from residents of other communities affected by the 1997 flood.There, with several farmers of his ilk, he quaffed pint after pint of good Berkshire ale.Their quarry was at Roxburgh, three miles ahead, Heiton of that Ilk informed them.He mocks death, laughs in its face, and others of his ilk laugh in a chorus all around him.Environmentalists, feminists, and others of that ilk regularly try to drive shows like this off the air.Others of his ilk were not so sentimental, however.Desserts ($5) were of the tiramisu, creme brûlee, chocolate torte ilk.
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