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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishill-conceivedˌill-conˈceived adjective  not planned well and not having an aim that is likely to be achieved The policy was ill-conceived and misguided.
Examples from the Corpus
ill-conceivedMany have argued that the economic policy put in place in 1981 was, from the beginning, ill-conceived and wrong headed.What matters above all is for the consultation to be a genuine exercise in communication and not an ill-conceived charade.But with rapid population growth, all the negative effects of poverty and ill-conceived government policies are magnified.When it's ill-conceived, ill-considered or based on incomplete information, the Profitboss won't criticize the critic.Without the space, though, the rendering might be an ill-conceived pastiche.On the cusp of restructuring family life, we cling ever more ardently to this antiquated and ill-conceived provider-homemaker design.an ill-conceived schemeBut all-seaters don't mean all-safe so why should clubs risk bankruptcy and fans pay through the nose for an ill-conceived scheme?His critical approach to ill-conceived treatment and ill-considered research may be one side of a coin.
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