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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishill-consideredˌill-conˈsidered adjective  CARELESSdecisions, actions, ideas etc that are ill-considered have not been carefully thought about The tax reforms are ill-considered.
Examples from the Corpus
ill-consideredWhen costs are discounted or ignored, these organizations can bask in the short-term benefits that their ill-considered activities often afford.This may arise as a consequence of an unsuccessful or ill-considered approach to a potential target.an ill-considered business ventureDespite the mauling that Chris Patten and Co. are going to receive, they can force through this ill-considered legislation.This, in the light of Omally's experience, was an ill-considered move upon his part.This is no argument to make ill-considered moves.When it's ill-conceived, ill-considered or based on incomplete information, the Profitboss won't criticize the critic.There was never an ill-considered remark made about either of them.Large corporations are rushing ahead with ill-considered techniques.
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