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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishill-fatedˌill-ˈfated adjective literary  UNLUCKYunlucky and leading to serious problems or death an ill-fated venture
Examples from the Corpus
ill-fatedI couldn't believe it when I saw it cos we had just cemented the ill-fated Admiral deal.The cash will be handed to Belfast's Industrial Development Board, which backed his ill-fated car firm.But the ill-fated journey was captured for posterity in an extraordinary collection of photographs.an ill-fated journeyThe story of its ill-fated Paris premiere in 1913, which provoked fighting in the audience, is well known.I retraced the footsteps of the young victim as she set about her ill-fated round that morning.At the time it seemed as though the Midland had miraculously got its money back from the ill-fated venture.Of course, yes, the ill-fated visitor, the peripatetic guest.
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