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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishill-fittingˌill-ˈfitting adjective  ill-fitting clothes do not fit the person who is wearing them opp well-fitting Many children have problems with their feet, caused by ill-fitting shoes.
Examples from the Corpus
ill-fittingHe was dressed neatly enough in grey breeches, white shirt and an ill-fitting blue coat, but was barefoot.Zero is dressed in a plain white T-shirt and ill-fitting jeans rolled up about six inches.People have found ways to escape ill-fitting jobs, start training programs, or enter graduate school.Heroin acts as an ill-fitting key which can open the lock but can not then be withdrawn.Dentures had formerly been bought from a professional laboratory, but now ill-fitting ones were ordered from a federal prison.an ill-fitting suitHe was dressed in a wrinkled yellow plaid shirt which hung outside ill-fitting trousers.
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