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ill-gotten gains

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishill-gotten gainsill-gotten gainsCHEATPROFITmoney or advantages obtained dishonestly – used humorously gain
Examples from the Corpus
ill-gotten gainsThe Justice Department alleges the winnings are ill-gotten gains from a money-laundering scheme.But her ill-gotten gains will cripple not only her students, but her young country too.Sadly, the thief who leaves no clues and is careful disposing of his ill-gotten gains is unlikely to be caught.So that was where Spencer wasted some of his ill-gotten gains, was it?The latter were continuing to draw prestige as well as profit from their ill-gotten gains.It is too late to crack down on the oligarchs or seize their ill-gotten gains.Yet bankers and government alike say they do not welcome ill-gotten gains.
ill-gotten gainsˌill-gotten ˈgains noun [plural]  DISHONESTmoney that was obtained in an unfair or dishonest way – used humorously
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