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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishill-informedˌill-inˈformed adjective  knowing less than you should about a particular subjectill-informed about Some employers are ill-informed about education.
Examples from the Corpus
ill-informedHe's either a liar or he's incredibly ill-informed.For someone who wants to be a journalist, she's remarkably ill-informed about current affairs.All too often headmasters, teachers and parents are ill-informed about intended changes in primary curriculum programmes.Resistance, ill-organized, ill-informed and largely based on non-quantifiable attachment to place, has little effect.Writers such as Oscar Wilde were the target of ill-informed and often hostile criticism simply because they were gay.Either way the notion is both ill-informed and ridiculous and it comes from paying too much attention to newspapers like the Guardian.The ill-informed and uninvolved are easy victims to simplistic solutions.By now, anyone ill-informed enough to imagine some elderly Miss Whiplash will have been put right.That means Pascoe and a few dozen other ill-informed hysterics.Without such a safeguard, a small group of ill-informed or zealous officers from either side could start a full-scale nuclear war.Most of the comments came from ill-informed spectators.
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