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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishill-judgedˌill-ˈjudged adjective formal  MISTAKEan action that is ill-judged has not been thought about carefully enough opp well-judged an ill-judged choice of words
Examples from the Corpus
ill-judgedWhatever the outcome, banks are sure to suffer from their ill-judged business with Federconsorzi.Some of the players have short-term and perhaps ill-judged designs on the territory of their immediate neighbours.However, in a quiet way he probably did much to dampen ill-judged enthusiasm for Habbakuk.Inaccurate forecasting and ill-judged investments by some electricity monopolies have been a salient stimulus towards liberalization.For instance, an ill-judged price reduction may have an opposite effect to that desired.The deer by the creek had the misfortune to come to the roadside for an ill-judged second.
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