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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishilluminatedil‧lu‧mi‧nat‧ed /ɪˈluːməneɪtəd, -ˈljuː- $ -ˈluː-/ adjective  1 LIGHTlit up by lights An illuminated sign flashed on and off.2 illuminated manuscript/book
Examples from the Corpus
illuminatedThe presentation of an illuminated address to her in 1904 acknowledged her lifelong work in raising the whole standard of poor-law administration.an illuminated billboardShe turned over and looked at the illuminated dial of her alarm clock.Striking any letter caused a different letter to appear on another illuminated keyboard above.In 1926, Field created an illuminated Lifeboat out of another Marton Box car 40.The Gondola was the most graceful of illuminated trams, and was built in 1925 on the base of an old tram.Cruise through the romantic illuminated waterways to a background of soft music.
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