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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishilluminatingil‧lu‧mi‧nat‧ing /ɪˈluːməneɪtɪŋ, ɪˈljuː- $ ɪˈluː-/ adjective  CLEAR/EASY TO UNDERSTANDmaking things much clearer and easier to understand a very illuminating book
Examples from the Corpus
illuminatingSome food names are less illuminating.This last is not so easy as it may seem, but can be highly illuminating.We had a most uninteresting conversation but it was extremely illuminating.I find this an illuminating analogy of the real purpose of prayer.Nevertheless, Blake's achievement in producing digestible theory and illuminating analyses within the confines of such a short book is considerable.All seven characters are drawn with illuminating detail and superbly played by an outstanding young company.The film proves many illuminating insights into Chinese culture.The movement also contributed illuminating insights into such matters as governing institutions and rights and duties.Feminist critiques of science as it was traditionally practiced emerged as an illuminating parallel to the working hypotheses of complexity researchers.
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