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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishillusoryil‧lu‧so‧ry /ɪˈluːsəri/ (also illusive /ɪˈluːsɪv/) adjective formal  UNTRUEfalse but seeming to be real or true First impressions can often prove illusory.
Examples from the Corpus
illusorySigns of economic recovery may be illusory.For feminists, therefore, the comfort they give is illusory.And like those concepts, its benefits are illusory and potential consequences alarming.Escape proves illusory, as we must know it will.His universalism seemed to offer unending real misery punctuated by periods of illusory bliss.This leads me to question the completely illusory quality of such identifications.The Ego is the limited, separated, illusory self which can not see beyond the end of its own nose.Whatever we do, we must avoid the illusory solution of disengaging from the world by abandoning peace operations.
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