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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishimaginablei‧ma‧gi‧na‧ble /ɪˈmædʒənəbəl/ adjective  1 IMAGINEused to emphasize that something is the best, worst etc that can be imagined The travel brochure is full of the most wonderful resorts imaginable.2 used to emphasize that something includes every possible example of something He seems to have been influenced by every imaginable musical style.
Examples from the Corpus
imaginableWe had the best vacation imaginable.It was also one of the meanest-looking birds imaginable.Kindergartners write in every genre imaginable.These remarkable lodges have been designed to provide the most stylish, comfortable and sophisticated homes imaginable.Dining options focus not only on renowned Alberta beef but also on almost every imaginable ethnic cuisine.Surely, there will be other possibilities not even imaginable now.We may enlarge our conceptions beyond all imaginable space; we only produce atoms in comparison with the reality of things.And any connections and combinations imaginable thereof.Doctors have tried every imaginable treatment for her skin disease.every imaginableFor the composer, arranger or copyist it covers every imaginable aspect of notation.Dining options focus not only on renowned Alberta beef but also on almost every imaginable ethnic cuisine.A number of these patients are very seriously ill and appear to react to almost every imaginable food and chemical.Beetles of every imaginable hue scurried through the grass, mobile jewels.However, all the cars were already jam-packed and had skis strapped in every imaginable position.They covered every imaginable subject from metallurgy to medicine, from good building techniques to good manners.On the one hand, the Internet gave students access to information on every imaginable topic.Different in almost every imaginable way.
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