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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishimbalanceim‧bal‧ance /ɪmˈbæləns/ ●○○ noun [countable, uncountable]  EQUALa lack of a fair or correct balance between two things, which results in problems or unfairness syn inequalityimbalance in The government must redress the imbalance (=put it right) in spending on black and white children.imbalance between the current imbalance between farming and conservation interests a hormonal imbalanceimbalanced adjective Many pupils follow an imbalanced curriculum.
Examples from the Corpus
imbalanceSo often there is an imbalance in the quality of a band's gear.Standard bicarbonate measurement is a technique used to determine the presence of a metabolic acid-base imbalance.The general public wouldn't be interested in the subtleties of unfair regulations and the clear imbalance of resources.At the higher levels of management, there's definitely a gender imbalance.The economy is failing because of the great imbalance between imports and exports.Usually caused by muscle imbalance, but can be aggravated by bad shoes.Some other semiconductor companies, listed on the Big Board, had to stop trading because of order imbalances.The company was ordered to remedy the racial imbalance in its workforce.But the imbalance affects women more directly.In acid-base disorders, the compensatory changes occur in the component that is not the original cause of the imbalance.In bringing out the imbalance, therefore, it should appear in progressively lower and more superficial regions of the body.the imbalance of power between women and men in nineteenth-century AmericaEighty per cent of our wealth belongs to five per cent of the people, and there's no legislation to counter this imbalance.redress ... imbalanceIt redresses the imbalance in the existing historical literature of the period, which is heavily weighted in favour of economic and political issues.Solving the problem A pressing need in reforming medical education is to redress the imbalance between teaching, research, and administration.To redress the imbalance between the photograph and the original he emphasizes the need for more original art in more public places.
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