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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishimmaterialim‧ma‧te‧ri‧al /ˌɪməˈtɪəriəl◂ $ -ˈtɪr-/ adjective  1 UNIMPORTANTnot important in a particular situation syn irrelevant If you sign a document, it is wholly immaterial whether you have read it carefully or not.2 formal not having a physical body or form our immaterial soul
Examples from the Corpus
immaterialThe difference in our ages was immaterial.Of course you could also be looking for work at home, where the ability to travel to and fro is immaterial.The content of the mathematics qualification to them is immaterial.The nature of the seller's possession is immaterial.Whether one agrees or disagrees with this contention is immaterial.This may make any savings you anticipate by remortgaging immaterial in the long run.The general opinion was that comets were immaterial, spiritual portents sent by the Creator as warnings about impending momentous events.It is immaterial that his promise is far more valuable than the price he has asked for it.Persons, for Descartes, are mental or immaterial thinking substances.
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