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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishimmeasurableim‧mea‧su‧ra‧ble /ɪˈmeʒərəbəl/ adjective  LOT/LARGE NUMBER OR AMOUNTused to emphasize that something is too big or too extreme to be measured The refugee problem has now reached immeasurable proportions.immeasurably adverb Your Spanish has improved immeasurably.
Examples from the Corpus
immeasurableIn particular, examination fever is leading to ever more fatuous and expensive efforts to measure the immeasurable.The cost would be immeasurable, but there would be green on either side of Zayed's desert highway in his lifetime.But she knew it would take a while before the immeasurable hunger receded within her.I count that an immeasurable plus.In that forest between sleep and wakefulness I understood, with immeasurable relief, their words.Cloud shadows scudded across immeasurable stands of virgin forests.The war has caused immeasurable suffering.The freedom to become an entrepreneur or choose our occupation is a freedom of immeasurable value.What I see now is the complete futility, the gross over-production, the immeasurable waste of emotion and words.
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