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immediately involved/affected/concerned etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishimmediately involved/affected/concerned etcimmediately involved/affected/concerned etcLOT/VERY MUCHvery closely involved etc in a particular situation Those most immediately involved in the disaster will be given support. immediately
Examples from the Corpus
immediately involved/affected/concerned etcThe problem is to convince those who are not so immediately affected.No one is more anxious that the penalties should be apt for the crime than those most immediately affected by prison disorder.Civil society is constituted by the social relationships and processes outside paid employment and not immediately affected by the state.Those most immediately affected given support.Henry's memory, of course, seemed only defective in matters that immediately concerned him.The hearing is technically in public, though it is very rare for anyone other than those immediately involved to be present.We are not immediately concerned whether they are based on off-line, optical discs or on online technology by way of broadband networks.The availability of land played a crucial part in relations between the landowning class and those immediately concerned with its cultivation.
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