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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishimmenseim‧mense /ɪˈmens/ ●●○ adjective  LOT/VERY MUCHextremely large syn enormous People who travel by rail still read an immense amount. Regular visits from a social worker can be of immense value to old people living alone.
Examples from the Corpus
immenseHis general attitude is one of an untiring and immense courtesy and helpfulness.60 million years ago, the whole area was an immense desert.Perhaps we are born with an immense desire for knowledge, which can be obtained from books.Migrating birds cover immense distances every winter.Debates were abandoned in the 1964,1968 and 1972 campaigns, largely because of candidates' concerns about their immense impact.an immense palaceAlso, that in spite of the immense price difference between various designs, the basic china was of exactly the same high standard.More than that, they were searching for a tiny trickle in an immense sea.Which came first and why should there be such an immense variety?It bears repeating that the photograph opens up an immense visual field.It was only a dim personification: something vague and immense which with its motion brought about change and therefore was alive.
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