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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishimmenselyim‧mense‧ly /ɪˈmensli/ ●○○ adverb  BIGvery much syn extremely Champagne wines became immensely popular in the 18th century.immensely powerful/strong/important etc Nationalism is an immensely powerful force. We enjoyed the play immensely.
Examples from the Corpus
immenselyCounseling has helped their relationship immensely.He himself had enjoyed the practice immensely.The sensation is a thrilling one, and I enjoy it immensely.When added to your culinary arsenal, they will enhance your game preparations immensely.The cutthroat, Darwinian capitalism of tournament golf was immensely appealing to Peter.To Soo-Il, the mere thought of bringing the Beautiful One into the Kang home was immensely pleasing.Gardiner was a strange man: an old Harrovian, an immensely skilful and prosperous Silk and a dedicated socialist.We looked forward immensely to these visits.They are immensely wealthy.immensely popularBeveridge's legacy endures because the welfare state works tolerably well and is immensely popular.The President personally remained immensely popular and in 1944 he fought and won his fourth presidential campaign.The immensely popular company was the only one on the bill, Alvin noted, that was not subsidized by its country.Yet the performance received a thundering ovation; from what one sees and hears, Eschenbach is immensely popular here.Corporate intranets, immensely popular in the business world, may prove too confusing to use and too expensive to maintain.This had not prevented him from becoming an immensely popular pastor.
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