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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishimmensityim‧men‧si‧ty /ɪˈmensəti/ noun (plural immensities)  1 [countable, uncountable]BIG used to emphasize the great size of something, especially something that cannot be measuredimmensity of the immensity of outer space2 BIG[uncountable] used to emphasize the great size and seriousness of something such as a problem you have to deal with or a job you have to doimmensity of the immensity of the problem
Examples from the Corpus
immensityBut I was looking at immensity.His photographs seem to do justice to the epic immensity of the subject, but also its symbolic implications.Little else had been done to harmonize or soften the concrete's grey immensity.The town was stunned by the immensity of its loss.He was struck for the first time by the immensity of the secret that swirled around him.Her meanings all but drowned in the immensity of it all.We were quiet awhile with each other in the immensity.But with that knowledge there came again an aching awareness of the immensity of Time.The immensity of the budget crisis was a surprise to everyone.
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