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immerse yourself in something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishimmerse yourself in somethingimmerse yourself in somethingATTENTIONto become completely involved in an activity He left school at 16 and immersed himself in the Labour Party. immerse
Examples from the Corpus
immerse yourself in somethingFor months, Atkinson immersed himself in a numbing void.Blanche in turn was happy to immerse herself in country life for a few days and play endless games with her two nephews.Jarrod completely immersed himself in his work.In 1919 he went to Zurich, where he studied and worked in psychological clinics, immersing himself in psychological experimentation.They did not have time to immerse themselves in technical detail.The student needs to immerse himself in the performance of a kata in order to release his emotions.When she left I quickly immersed myself in the safer, less emotional facts and figures of a real estate deal.We finished our drinks and Siegfried immersed himself in the Veterinary Record as savoury smells began to issue from the kitchen.
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